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Julianna Merrill Marsh
This website is all about Julia Marsh! Julia is eight years old and her birthday is on February 13th. Julia has blond hair and blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Julia lives in Ukraine but will soon be moving to the United States to live with her Mommy and Daddy.

Julia will live in San Jose, California with her Mommy,Elizabeth and her Daddy, John. Julia and her family also have two big dogs named Gretta and Byrdie who love Julia very much.

Julia has been to California twice in the last year. She was there for Christmas in 2006 and for six weeks over the summer. Even though Julia grew up speaking Ukrainian, she has learned so much English that she almost sounds like an American kid! What a smart girl!

Julia is good at so many things. Not only is she smart and beautiful,she draws pictures, she sings and dances and makes beautiful costumes. Julia is also an excellent photographer - she loves to take pictures. You can see many of the pictures that Julia has taken (including several self-portraits)by clicking on her photo album on the right

When Julia comes to the United States to live with her Mommy and Daddy, she will be going to school in San Jose. Julia will be in the third grade. School in the United States and Ukraine is a little different, so this website will be a place where Julia can learn some of the same things as the kids in America. Then, when she goes to the American School, she'll know the same things as the other kids!

My Trip to Monster Island
Julia's Online School

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